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Custom made packaging...



Nearly all of our packaging solutions are custom-made to meet the client's needs.


When creating a successful packaging concept, the practical aspects are constantly being weighed against feats of innovation.


Do you have a brilliant packaging idea but don't know where to start? Or how?


Our product developers and packaging specialists love a challenge.


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We think along

with you...


•  Where will you be selling the product?

•  Does the product have to be visible at the moment of 

 •  Does the package need to have a eurolock?

 •  Does the packaging have to be suitable for different
    product sizes?

 •  Do you have a preference for materials: white or
    transparent, PP or PET?


We would be pleased to show you the many examples during a personal conversation


Customized Packaging


Take a look at some recently produced custom packaging-solutions:


 • Choco packaging: realized for the launch of the private
    label Delhaize

 •  Martini mini-bar: semi-printed transparent packaging
     in PET

 •  Custom packaging Zéfal: mudguard packaging in PP

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